Dee Jay's BBQ Ribs & Grille Locations


Over four decades ago, the Guida family set out to create a haven for rib enthusiasts in Weirton, WV, defying economic challenges. Through relentless commitment and hard work, they birthed Dee Jay's BBQ Ribs and Grill, a haven for those seeking delectable, reasonably priced meals in a cozy ambiance. Renowned for their succulent baby back ribs and top-notch service, Dee Jay's swiftly garnered a loyal following.

Today, we're elated to bring Dee Jay's rich tradition to Pittsburgh, sharing our famed ribs and culinary creations. Our menu boasts not only our signature ribs but also a tempting array of house-made specialties, especially crafted for your enjoyment.

Join us for lunch and dinner, and immerse yourself in the world of Dee Jay's. Indulge in our enticing lunch specials, savor the mouthwatering goodness of our ribs, and unwind during happy hour with our delightful beverage selections. Whether you're seated at the bar, on our welcoming patio, or enjoying takeout, expect an atmosphere filled with the irresistible aroma of good food and the promise of a memorable dining experience.

As proud members of the community, we are committed to elevating your dining experience with outstanding food and warm hospitality. Join us at Dee Jay's for an unforgettable celebration of ribs, lunch specials, happy hour, and, above all, exceptional food!